Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February Leo Lair

During February we participated in two events, the first of which was the annual Fire and Ice Chili Cook-off at Warwick High School.  The Lions and Leos were able to partner with the Lititz Isaac’s and help prepare and distribute their chili throughout the duration of the cook-off.  Not only were at least two Leos at the booth during every hour, but several also purchased buttons and sampled each chili throughout the day.  All the Leos were in agreement that the Isaac’s Caribbean chili was delicious!  Next, the majority of Leos were able to participate in this year’s school mini-thon.  In preparation for the event, our club alone donated all the pancake mix for the morning’s breakfast hour.  This required each Leo to bring in two containers of Bisquick Shake ‘n Pour pancake mix and we surpassed this recommendation by even having several extras.  Additionally, the Lions were kind enough to donate several containers of orange juice.  In the morning, several Lions came into the high school at 3 am and began making pancakes for the morning rush at 5am.  Leos already at mini-thon assisted the Lions as they made several tasty batches of pancakes.  All in all, mini-thon was a huge success as everyone involved was able to collectively raise $107,588.66 to continue the fight against pediatric cancer. 

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