Thursday, May 30, 2013

The First Annual Leo Award for Distinguished Leadership & Community Service Awarded to Leo Secretary Taylor

The Manheim Township Lions Club recently established the Leo Award for Distinguished Leadership and Community Service for the purpose of recognizing a distinguished Leo senior who is not only a well rounded student, but one who excels within and beyond the classroom in areas of leadership, personal integrity and community service which are part of the Leo motto: Leadership, Experience and Opportunity.

The individual selected to receive this award  must be a graduating senior from the Manheim Township High School with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or 80%; must be planning to attend an accredited institution of higher learning such as a college, university, junior/community college, trade or technical school; must be a current member in good standing of the Manheim Township Leo Club and must have been a member of the Leo Club for two or more consecutive Club and School Years . While a member of the Leo Club, the individual must have minimally served or volunteered a total of 40 hours of service doing Leo Club activities or assisting in Lions Club activities or combination thereof; must have been actively involved in Leo Club activities which would have demonstrated the Leo's leadership skills and commitment to civic responsibility and community service and finally, must have provided additional hours of service to another charitable or humanitarian organization not affiliated with the Leo or Lion organizations.

On May 22nd, 2013, at a Manheim Township High School Senior Recognition Awards Ceremony, Leo Secretary Taylor, received a plaque and a $500 check, in recognition of her being the first recipient of this award. Leo Taylor is the daughter of Michael and Rebecca Giambrone. Her selection required nomination by both the High School Faculty Leo Advisor, Mr. Wayne Kantz and the Lions Club Leo Advisor, Lion Paul Rager, the endorsement of that nomination by the Club's Youth Outreach Committee and finally approval by the Board of Directors of the Manheim Township Lions Club. Not only did Leo Taylor meet or exceed all of the requirements for this Award, but her past four years of service with the Leo Club and her outstanding work as the Secretary of the Leo Club for the past two years, enabled the Manheim Township Leo Club to develop a better working relationship with the Manheim Township Lions Club as well as helping the Leo Club distinguish itself in Pennsylvania Lions District 14-D and Lions Clubs International.

The Members of the Manheim Township Lions Club are proud to be able to provide this award to its first recipient and wish for Taylor, good health and much success in any future endeavors. Leo Taylor will be attending the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing in the fall.

On May 24, 2013, Leo Taylor contacted Lion Paul Rager by email and requested that the following message be passed on to the members of the Lions Club.  "Thank you very much for awarding me the Leo Award for Distinguished Leadership & Community Service.  I greatly appreciate the recognition and aid that you have provided me with for my future plans!  Working with the Lions Club over the past few years has taught me a lot, and I am so glad to have been a part of this organization.  All the work that was put into the club over the past two years has kept me very busy, but also rewarded me a great deal.  I am honored that you chose me to receive this award.  Thank you again for everything you taught me on how to run a club and all the work that goes into a service organization such as the Lions Club.  I hope to visit a club event next year when I am home on break!"

Editors Note:  Leo Taylor was one of the top three winners at the High School Recognition Awards Ceremony. Her other awards were the Seth Hampton Memorial Scholarship, Honor Graduate, Lancaster NE Rotary Club Graupensperger Award, MT Music Association Orchestra Award and Eric Stoler Nursing Scholarship.  Congratulations Leo Taylor!

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