Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Heroes of Flight 93

Flt 93 Scaled

For our November 9th meeting with our guests from the Lititz Lions Club, Mal Fuller, a member of the board of Friends of Flight 93 National Memorial, Shanksville, PA presented a first hand account of his day when our nation was attacked entitled "9/11 AND THE HEROES OF FLIGHT 93."

Fuller learned air traffic control in the United States Air Force and worked for the Federal Aviation Administration for 36 years at Philadelphia International Airport, Pittsburgh International Airport, Baltimore and JFK International Airports as well as Lancaster and Capital City Airports.

He reviewed the events of 9/11/01 through the eyes of an air traffic watch supervisor who helped shut down the nation's airspace and who dealt with United 93 prior to its crash near Shanksville, PA. 

He related how “The 40 Heroes of Flight 93” forever changed the course of history.

On 9/11/01 Mal Fuller was watch supervisor of the Pittsburgh International Airport air traffic facilities. Shortly after the Pentagon was hit, Fuller evacuated the control tower and radar room when a hijacked plane, later determined to be United 93 which crashed near Shanksville, was headed directly for the airport

When he returned to the radar room after the evacuation, the aircraft was no longer under radar coverage. Shanksville is sixty eight nautical miles from Pittsburgh International Airport and eight miles beyond Pittsburgh's radar range.

Little did the nation know, nor understand what the 40 Heroes of Flight 93 did.

An excellent video of his day can be found at this link.

Additional information about the Flight 93 National Memorial and the Friends of Flight 93 can be found at this link.

Open this link to view a slideshow of the meeting.

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